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World's Fastest Growing Staffing & IT Solution Company

With our strong candidate database in various functions and locations, we are committed to delivering results in a timely manner that meets your needs. We consider our teamwork and relationships to be the foundation of our strength.

  • We have a passionate team of web designers & developers, whose technical experience span over decades. High standard of quality is one of our major commitments.
  • We are open to partnerships with early stage companies, start-ups and individual who are working to built a brand.
  • We creating amazing digital experience and help our customers to reach their goals 3xfaster than our competitors.
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Our Services

Services to initiatives to outcomes – we embrace change and transformation to be the only constants


We identify candidates that our client's recruiters don't have time to find or might not know how to find.

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Cloud Space is the biggest company providing professionally managed recruiting services for companies throughout the world.

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Our DevOps experts to accelerate software development and deployment cycles thereby saving cost and time.

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Big Data

We are one of the leading big data solution provider companies to help businesses be prepared for tomorrow by harnessing the power of data.

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Machine Learning

Our developers are experts in the latest machine learning Best practices that can create custom solutions for data processing and analysis etc.

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Artificial Intelligence

We are at Cloud Space LLC offer AI services that can be seamlessly integrated with your current or potential business applications

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As a Staffing & Tech Solutions Company, We make a concerted effort to hire, work with and retain the best employees from around the world. That is we bring only the best to your technology project.

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We Provide Our Client Best
IT Solution Services

Software Development

We bring you comprehensive software development services in a single process with visible results. Our software developers develop top-rated software for your business and combine it with the expertise and innovative IT solutions offered by our software development company to build your online business. As a quality-focused software development outsourcing company, we want to ensure your satisfaction with our work. Cloud Spaces LLC provides effective software development services to help your business grow.

Web Development

We offer various technologies to deliver the most reliable web application development solutions to our global clients. Cloud Space is the best web application development company in India, providing cutting-edge technological solutions for next-generation web applications. Our extensive experience in website and application development services includes the tools and techniques and many more. We have an experienced technically strong web application development team that has successfully delivered custom web development projects ranging from web-based apps, e-commerce portals, CMS, B2B & B2C applications, Intranet and Extranet Portals, and many more.


Create smarter and more efficient supply chains, reduce fraud, verify transactions faster and create disruptive new business models built on blockchain solutions.
Simplify complex processes for adaptative knowledge disputes and irregularities in auditing and regulative compliance. Reduce the price of dispute resolution with blockchain solutions that give the flexibility to digitize trust in multiple-party business processes.
Cloud Space offers a choice of cutting-edge Microsoft and partner solutions for your digital trust needs using blockchain technology.

App Development

Our App development services aim is not just to create beautiful applications but we build apps that have rich features, excellent usability, scalability, and universal compatibility to drive more sales. Cloud Space provides top App application development services by understanding the unique goals and challenges of your business. We provide rapid and customized application development services for all your business needs.
Our application development services include design and development, testing, and support and maintenance.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Trends that worked today may not work tomorrow. The only way to stay ahead is to be committed. As recognized experts on industry best practices, we are pushing the boundaries and defining the trends that matter.
We believe brands that are well connected to their customers enjoy increased value, greater loyalty, and improved accretion. However, building a connected brand is not easy. It takes a strong great strategy and an equally strong plan to bring it to life


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