With a combined 15+ years of experience in business consulting, we help clients in niche markets achieve financial stability and long-term Growth by improving the organizational structure, implementing best practices, developing succession plans, and formulating exit strategies.

Leveraging our entrepreneurial and consulting experience in the development services, property rental and construction industries. We have a proven record of building and managing high-performing teams and guiding organizational development in both startup and turnaround environments.

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to identify gaps in performance and capitalize on opportunities for business expansion and sustainable financial growth for the company.

We serve as business consultants and expert advisors, guiding our clients to create market value through strategic relationships, risk mitigation,and managing financial metrics to seize viable opportunities. We will work with you to create and refine your plan for organizational success.

Finding work is not easy and can be a waste of time and energy. Staffing agencies focus on job seekers and help them land positions matching their qualifications in the companies that are hiring. Agencies have access to positions that might not have been posted otherwise—and can get resumes in front of the right people.

While typical jobs can last from a few hours to several years, the best estimate of the average tenure of temporary and contract workers is just under three months.

Staffing agencies provide a wide range of services to job seekers including temporary and contract, permanent, long-term, and temporary-to-hire appointments. and job seekers recruiters work by one on one.

Temporary and contract workers can choose when, where and how they want to work—all of which contribute to valuable work-life balance.

Cloud Space LLC can provide on-the-job talent in temporary-to-hire and contract employee arrangements.

Many job seekers start by submitting a resume to start the process. you can submit your current resume to our recruiter. To learn more about the process, join Cloud Space LLC Recruiter.

We connect our clients with professionals who work in IT Sector and positions are:
Back-end developer, UI designer UX designer, Application security administrator, Project manager, Computer systems manager, Network architect, Systems analyst, IT coordinator, Network administrator, Network engineer, Service desk analyst, Data privacy officer, Digital forensics analyst, IT security engineer etc.