Passive and Active Search:

Cloud Space LLC sources serve as an assistant to our client's local employers. We identify candidates that our client's recruiters don't have time to find or might not know how to find. Our sources work in EST shifts, which means we are looking for candidates, delivering them even before the client's workday begins Get a head start on your competitors. We identify candidates from a variety of resources. Candidate resumes are uploaded directly to our client's applicant tracking systems or submitted via email. Additionally, sources submit a separate Candidate Submission Report for each work order.

Database building:

When time-to-hire determines success, a robust and updated resume database is a driver of profitability. CloudSpaceLLC sources clean up corrupted databases by replacing old resumes with existing resumes, finding new high-fit candidates, and removing irrelevant candidates.

A high-powered database is a key to success when:

Clients have a large number of entry-level job openings, Client recruiters require large lists of candidates to call each morning, Customers have a recurring status in the same location and/or Client recruiters often speak with candidates in their particular fields before becoming active in the job market. sales lead generation The first step in acquiring new business is identifying potential customers, contacting them, and scheduling appointments with them. The most successful salespeople excel at customer interaction. However, conducting research to identify possibilities is neither their strength nor Productive use of seller's time. Our sales lead generation researchers directly replace the research hours spent by clients' high-earning salespeople with much lower cost hours at Cloud Space LLC. Better yet, researchers at Cloud Space LLC can split their time between providing leads for client salespeople and sourcing candidates for their local recruiters.

For the sales lead generation process:

For the sales lead generation process Client salespeople specify research characteristics – industry, revenue, geography and seniority level – within target organizations. Sellers can also directly send the names of target companies. Researchers at Cloud Space LLC submit a report from company websites with verified names, contact details, social media profiles, corporate bios, and other background information.